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DUMB-ISH is an urban classic tale about two roomates (PEOPLE and RANDOM) who are an up and coming hip-hop group known as The Godz. After a night of fun and entertainment at a strip club, they find themselves trying to get money for both their rent and studio time for their upcoming EP "In Godz We Trust." This story also chronicles the relationship between the two roomates, their sidekick assistant pimp (MANNE) and the BAD GIRLS whom all try and help The Godz save the day. Together The Godz go through a series of misadventures with the BAD GIRLS hoping to find one that eventually pays off. With this humorous cast of characters and a comical script, this story touches on everything from selling weed, pimping, music, reality TV, model car washes and life in young urban America. Watch as this group of friends go through a series of events in order to handle their financial responsibilities, all the while filming themselves for their no budget reality show. As The Godz chill in their apartment, their female friends periodically enter the scene in order to help them devise a master plan. This group of friends sets out on every dumb mission you can think of before one their side female smokers comes up with a plan of a rent party. On their journey, the group encounters all kinds of characters. This story is full of drama, partying, and BAD GIRLS. 

Reality Show

After being released from prison, Metro (as in metro-sexual) falls into doing a reality dating show. Upon his release from prison, he starts his journey back into reality. His show is picked up by a popular cable network known for its ever popular reality shows. He ends up with a cast of twenty-plus of the most colorfully bizarre, overemphasized and fully interesting finalists. In true reality television fashion, the cameras follow him and his finalists as they risk everything for love, lust, and for fame. This film is parodied to expose about a reality show and the inner workings involved, along with the machine that produces them. A journey ensues that exposes and exaggerates the deviousness behind reality production. DA NETWORK mimics an evil international terrorism organization that aims to control the cable television world in efforts to make boat loads of money and maintain top ratings. DA NETWORK CEO "THE MAN" will be perceived to be none othen than the alleged leader of the New Pimp Order. Master-minding a worldwide cable television network to control the masses mind. His network is organized in a strict hierarchy with its office-bound, reckless, supreme under-bosses and subsequent producers "JUICE", "THEME MUSIC", and "DA BLUE NIGGA". Rival cable network "Dangerous TV" tries to destroy the production of the show, cast, and validity of Metro by any and all means which culminates into an ongoing rating war.